Caorle is a picturesque town located on the Adriatic coast. Its charming historic centre, with narrow streets and colourful houses, is an ideal place to stroll and admire the typical architecture of the town. Among the wonders to visit are the Scogliera Viva (Living Cliffs), with works of art created on the rock, and the Casoni, ancient constructions made of marsh reed that historically were the homes of fishermen.

The Madonnina Church

The Church of Our Lady of the Angel is located in a charming position overlooking the sea, at the beginning of Levante Beach, also called 'Spiaggia della Madonnina'. Tradition has it that the simulacrum of the Holy Virgin was found by fishermen floating in the sea on a block of marble. Every year the Coronation Feast takes place, and every five years there is a procession at sea.


The casoni were typical fishermen's dwellings in the Caorle lagoon, still in good condition 15 centuries after Attila's invasion. During the Second World War, they were used as shelters by displaced families, but after the war the fishing activity shifted to the sea and the casoni gradually fell into disuse, being reduced to a limited number that can still be visited today thanks to motorboat excursions.


The Valle Vecchia Oasis, located between the Tagliamento and Livenza rivers, is an area comprising 4 km of sandy coastline and an agrarian hinterland obtained through the reclamation of lagoon areas. The Oasis is home to various biotopes such as sand dunes, gentle marshes and pine forests. It is an area rich in fauna and flora and is an ideal place for bird watching, with an educational trail and cycle path available to visitors.